What is the Danger of Hemorrhoids?

If you believe you have hemorrhoids, you may wonder what the danger of hemorrhoids is to you.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins located on the inside of your anal canal and around your anal opening that become irritated and swollen. Although hemorrhoids are generally not dangerous or life threatening in most of the cases, there are some dangers of hemorrhoids that you should be aware of when it comes to certain types of hemorrhoid conditions.

If hemorrhoids are treated properly during the early stages the chances are less that they will become a threat to your health. However if hemorrhoids are allowed to reach more advanced stages of development and are left untreated they can become a concern for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the danger of hemorrhoids and how they reach the stage of becoming a potential threat to your health.

Internal Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that are internal can turn into bleeding hemorrhoids as a result of chronic constipation and passing hard stools. If bleeding hemorrhoids are allowed to persist they can become a potential threat especially if the rectal bleeding begins to get worse. If you treat bleeding hemorrhoids during the early stages you can prevent the danger of hemorrhoids, as well as potentially avoid more painful treatments such as internal hemorrhoid surgery.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids in which the tissue has separated from the wall of the anal canal. Once the tissue separates, it falls down the anal canal and protrudes from the anal opening. Prolapsed hemorrhoids often look like a clump of grapes protruding from the anal opening. If left untreated prolapsed hemorrhoids can become strangulated which means that the blood supply is cut off by the anal sphincter muscles.

Strangulation can result in the formation of a blood clot inside the hemorrhoid which is one of the primary dangers of hemorrhoids. Blood clots in hemorrhoids can become a problem if they enter your circulatory system and often require hemorrhoid surgery for removal.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are a severe stage of external hemorrhoids which form on the exterior of the anal opening. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is an external hemorrhoid that has developed a blood clot and can become quite painful. In addition to that, a thrombosed hemorrhoid is one of the dangers of hemorrhoids due to the blood clot.

For the same reason as a prolapsed hemorrhoid, if the blood clot succeeds in entering your circulatory system this can pose a potential threat to your health. Thrombosed hemorrhoids generally require surgery to remove the blood clot and the recovery period can be quite uncomfortable and painful.

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids surgery is often used as a last resort for treating hemorrhoids because it can also be one of the dangers of hemorrhoids. A danger of hemorrhoids surgery includes rectal leakage following the procedure. Rectal leakage occurs as the result of the nerves in the sphincter muscle being altered during surgery. Rectal leakage can be painful and often requires follow-up procedures.

Another risk of hemorrhoid surgery is the possibility of sacrificing the structure of the anal canal. This is often the case with internal hemorrhoids because the procedure involves altering the tissues of the anal wall which will not heal back to its original state. This can often cause future problems and require additional follow-up procedures.

Hemorrhoid surgery also does not guarantee that it will cure hemorrhoids. Sometimes there are hemorrhoids in the process of development when you have the surgical procedure and they do not become known until the procedure is completed. In addition to the pain and discomfort that often follows hemorrhoid surgery you can develop new hemorrhoids on top of the tissues that are trying to heal. This is uncomfortable.

If you think you have a hemorrhoid condition that requires medical attention it is a good idea to consult your physician to avoid the danger of hemorrhoids and the discomforts that often accompany hemorrhoids in the advanced stages.

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