What is a Hemorrhoids Skin Tag?

A hemorrhoids skin tag is an anal skin tag that appears as a lump in the opening of the anus where your anal canal meets the outside of the anal opening. Skin tags are usually the result of a hemorrhoid that has become thrombosed. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that have developed a blood clot in the center of the hemorrhoid.

When the hemorrhoid swells up or becomes thrombosed it can leave behind a hemorrhoids skin tag or hemorrhoidal tab once it heals. The skin tag is simply a piece of skin that is left hanging from the anal opening. They are also referred to as “acrochordon” or “cutaneous papillomae” which are the medical terms that are used to describe this condition.

Causes of Hemorrhoid Skin Tags

Hemorrhoids skin tabs are caused by hemorrhoid conditions that have been allowed to get worse such as hemorrhoids that have become thrombosed. They can also be caused by anal fissures, anorectal injury, or trauma to the rectal area.

If the area that is affected by hemorrhoids is treated without a fixative procedure or hemorrhoidectomy it can leave behind a skin tag following the healing process. Skin tags can sometime result in larger hemorrhoids if they happen to be located close to the original hemorrhoid.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoidal Skin Tags

Hemorrhoidal skin tags can be identified as a soft lump that is located at the opening of the anus. They can create an irritating itch and they may bleed if the area is exposed to excessive rubbing from factors such as tight clothing or tight fitting underwear.

You can also feel skin tags when you wipe the anal opening after a bowel movement and they can be further irritated if you fail to keep the area clean after each bowel movement.

The main symptom of hemorid skin tags is simply an annoying itch and they are generally benign and simply an overall nuisance.

Treatment for Hemorrhoidal Skin Tags

Skin tags are not dangerous to your health but they can be removed if they are annoying you or causing you embarrassment. Generally removal can include laser surgery which will remove the skin tag and then help to resurface the skin. Laser surgery can be performed in an outpatient clinic or doctor’s office and only requires a local anesthetic to perform the procedure.

Anal surgery can also be used to remove hemorrhoids skin tabs however this is only used as a result of other complications that are associated with the skin tag. Anal surgery is used with caution due to the after effects it can cause and the pain that is involved with recovery.

Other complications that can be associated with a skin tag include lesions and anal fissures and prior anorectal injury. If any of these complications are present anal surgery is sometimes required to correct the condition while removing the hemorrhoids skin tags in the process.

There is no need to worry about hemorrhoids skin tags as they are usually benign and they are not cancerous. However, if they are bothersome you may want to seek the advice of your physician to determine the best route to take for treatment of hemorrhoids skin tags.

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